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The Black Powder and Muzzleloading discipline of the Mudgee S.S.A.A. branch is maintained by a small, growing band of devote exponents who are working to spread the word of the enjoyment that is available to shooters in this type of shooting. Members should consult the calendar for exact dates and match variations.

Most shooting is done over 50 metres on the ISU Target, but matches are scheduled for 100, 200, 300 metres and silhouette. Events generally follow a combination of the S.S.A.A. competition rules, namely Class 3 Military muzzle loaders, Class 2, traditional, patched ball events, Class 3, any muzzle loading rifle and projectile. For those strong of spirit, Flintlock matches are fired and both Muzzle loading and early black powder breach loading Clays are available.

Breech loading rifle events for Black powder traditional rifles are also offered as Muzzle loading handgun events in conjunction with members of the S.S.A.A. Mudgee Branch Pistol Club

Members and visitors wishing to become indoctrinated into this, the ultimate shooting discipline, should contact the Discipline Chairman (6372 2350), contact page or any Mudgee S.S.A.A. member, looking slightly singed and sulphorus smelling and the message will be passed on to you.

The Mudgee Group has, for the past  years introduced and conducted the S.S.A.A. State Championships, in an endeavour to add to the Muzzle loading Competitions and to compliment other similar events and groups. As you will find out when you try, you just can’t get enough black powder shooting.

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