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Page updated 15/12/2022

Please send us a message here To confirm Dates and Times.    Note : Changes for 2023 due to calendar conflicts;27/05 no shoot ; 2/9 pistol only; 23/09 moved to 19/09 and 25/11 moved to 18/11.

Range information:                           updated 6/11/2023.

Please note:
Even if not listed in this calendar, the ranges May BE OPENED * ( see Note 1 )by qualified Range Officers FOR PRACTICE between the hours of 0800 – 1800 on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays & Wednesdays between the hours of 1200 – 1800.

Range 3                            Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun – Metallic template to 400
 Range 1        Pistol only, soft/card targets, 25 & 50m

Camping is allowed at Silhouette Range, Shotgun Range & Ranges 2 + 3 designated areas, one day prior & one day post scheduled Club Events. The Club must have a responsible ‘Designated Person’ to open up, control activities, direct the clean up & lock up the Range.

1st  Wednesdays general Practice on Range 3 After 12.00pm is for  anyone who cannot regularly attend and are as booked.
In fact the  1st Wednesday After 12.00pm each month is open to everyone for general Practice. Unlicensed people interested in trying shooting are welcome to attend and will have an opportunity to shoot under the authority of a P650 form in accordance with section 6B(1)(a) of the Firearms Act 1996. A variety of targets will be available for both handgun and rifle use; club pistols will be available for those wishing to try pistol shooting. Families welcome!

         Range Rules:
The Range Officer (RO) on the day has total control over range activities.
– Shooting must not commence until flags, frames & targets are in place, the range is opened for shooting by the Range Officer  and the  RED FLAG is displayed on the firing range.
– NO Handling of firearms on the firing line when the range is closed to shooting
– Firearms must not be removed from the firing line until cleared by the range officer.
– Firearms are to be brought onto the range in a safe condition (action open & unloaded), carried muzzle up or bagged, then “racked” or follow RO’s directions on the day.
Shooters should wear ear & eye protection & appropriate footwear on firing line.

 Windamere Regional Shooting Complex “Range Standing Orders” have been developed and a copy is on all ranges. Same as previous but now specified by WRSC as the range approval holder. Covers legals & liability with any insurance with regard to the NSW Firearms Range Approval. Every member club was involved.

Note 1 Ranges may be opened at times not listed, provide sufficient lead in time is given , to the WRSC in order to advise Other User Groups and Lease holders of the Range being opened and  used for live fire.

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