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 Camping is approved within the designated area between Ranges 1 & 2, there must be a W.R.P.R trust approved person in attendance during any camping.

Ablutions block with -hot showers and Male and Female toilets are adjacent to range 2.

WRSC Fire Danger Sign is displayed on the entrance road and changed ONLY by the user groups as required to suit local fire conditions.

 “No Open Fires” means any fire in a fire bucket, camp stove or commercial fire pit using wood, charcoal, coal or briquettes as fuel.

When permitted fires are allowed ONLY in club fire places or an approved fire bucket or stove.

 All camp fires are to be extinguished on vacation of camp sites.

 Bottles, cans, plastics and non-flammable material are not to be placed in camp fires.

Cold ash from fires may be scattered around the butts of trees.

 Nails or metal objects found in old building materials when used as fire wood are to be collected from the ash and placed in skip bin.

 Cutting down of trees and removal of timber is not permitted on user groups usage area. (Shooting License conditions)

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