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This information has been prepared as a summary and an overview only. This information, although provided in good faith, is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of the law or regulations & conditions. Contact the Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562  or Service NSW for further details or questions.

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These Club Approval Numbers are for Mudgee & District Branch Members Only.

Club Approval Numbers
Target Shooting: S.S.A.A. Mudgee & District Branch Inc. 409 050 097
Hunting: S.S.A.A. Mudgee & District Branch Inc. 409 050 100
Collecting: S.S.A.A. Mudgee & District Branch Inc. 409 050 118
Pistol: S.S.A.A. Mudgee & District Branch Inc. Pistol Club 405 874 515

1. Renewal of a Current Licence
All current licence holders should receive a notification from the Firearms Registry advising that your licence is due for renewal. On receipt of this advice you should ring the Firearms Registry (1300 362 562), tell the operator you wish to renew your licence, give them the appropriate personal details and your reason for requiring the licence.

They will prepare the application form for you and post it to you, with the other documents needed.

These forms are:
P561 – Application for a personal Firearms licence
P660 – Genuine Reason Form – Sport/Target Shooting
P661 – Genuine Reason Form – Recreational Hunting/Vermin control
These forms contain all the information required –
e.g. Sport/Target – Club membership/special category, Recreational Hunting – Rural land owner/property permission, hunting club, etc.

Fill the forms in carefully and accurately, then post to Firearms Registry / Service NSW.
Keep a copy of all documments sent.
You will need your Club Approval Numbers (shown above) and include any supporting documents
e.g. copies of membership cards, etc.

*** Check your licence expiry date, if you haven’t heard from Firearms Registry within a reasonable time for renewal (4 – 5 weeks before your licence expires) – ring them.

2. Applying for a New Licence
Applicants are to ring Firearms Registry (1300 362 562)/ Service NSW and indicate their intention and reasons for application. Prepared forms (as per renewal, above) should be sent to the applicant.

A firearms Safe Shooting Course certificate or similar approved document must accompany the application, together with all other related documents.
Keep copies of all documents.

Personalised licence application forms should be sent to the applicant on the following working day.

Ask your Secretary for Club approval numbers which must be shown on your application/renewal.
Pistol Club members should also obtain a PAB26 or similar document showing proof of membership. This also applies to applications for a Permit to Acquire a firearm.

Application for a Permit to Acquire a Firearm, forms are available from Firearms Registry and Dealers/Armourers and are sent to Firearms Registry/Service NSW with $30 (not cash).

Please read the directions on all forms carefully.

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