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Regular Colonial action shoots

State Championships  –  March

(Invitation for 2020,PDF)

SSAA Colonial Action “Cudgegong – Muster ” May

Bushrangers & Bolters – September

Normally conducted on the fourth Sunday of the month on Range 1.   
   Refer to calendar for times.For information about the ranges, location, camping, etc., please refer to Branch Info



Colonial Action Shooting is an Australian Single Action Shooting Discipline.

Participants are required to use original or reproduction firearms typical of the mid to late nineteenth century Australia to engage various targets in a course of fire. Each course of fire is unique and must be undertaken by the competitor in a set sequence.

Shooters compete one at a time, sometimes moving between firing points, reloading and handling a variety of firearms on the clock. The competitor’s time for completing a course of fire is recorded and any misses or penalties incurred are added to that time. The emphasis is on accuracy rather than straight speed.

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